Saumata Ad Story Version Director’s Cut (prequel)


Advertisement for Saumata Apartment, as a prequel of how the couple met for the first time at Saumata. Credits: Credits: Director: Eddy Kuntjoro Producer: Zefanya Evan DOP: Steve Moningka Cameraman: Steve Moningka Handri Sujarwo Asst Cam: Maryadi Animator: Sinyo Music: Andri



Matrix Cable System is a neutral international sub-sea fiber optic cable carrier which service scope spansfrom Jakarta to Singapore, carrying high speed, high capacity and non-stop superior quality connection. Matrix is the internet provider for major ISPs and telecommunication companies in Indonesia. Credits: Director: Eddy Kuntjoro Producer: Iwan Adi DOP: Steven Moningka DOP Assistant: Maryadi Animator: Henry Aryo Music: Andri